Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a Week!

It feels like this week is never going to stop! We had the big birthday party last weekend. My primos Gabe and Linda were in town visiting. And we had other friends that were here for a few days visiting too! All of that just beat me down. I have little to no energy left. This pregnancy is kicking my butt!

But then, Joe surprised me with tickets to go see Brad Paisley. I couldn't turn him down! So Thursday, we made the 3 and 1/2 hour trip north, to go see the concert. Surprisingly, a lot of our friends and family went to the show. We were worried about the weather. It had been raining all day long! But we pushed on. Joe rented us a nice room nearby. And all of us decided to go have some good BBQ before the show. We went to Quarter's. Hello! That is some good food!

On the way to the concert, it was still raining. And I was really starting to worry. But as we sat in traffic, trying to get into the venue, the rain stopped. The air was cool. But it was nice. The concert was so good! If you haven't seen Brad Paisley perform live, you should! He is a really good live performer! :) This is about the 4 or 5 time we have seen him live.

We stayed the night. And yesterday, in the early afternoon, we made our way home. I think we might have been home for a half an hour. Maybe. Just enough time to get Eva ready. And to drop all of our bags off. But Joe and the band were performing at the rodeo last night. An hour south of were we live. Both the rodeo and the show were amazing!

In fact, tonight and tomorrow night, we are going to the rodeo and the band is performing. It is a real honor for them. These are the type of things that I enjoyed as a kid. The rodeo. We used to go as much as we could. I would get to buy Red Vines and a Coke. And we would watch the rodeo for hours! Joe used to compete in the rodeos too! Yes, my husband was a bull riding, crazy horse bucking, cowboy! But I love him all the same!

Our weekend is jam packed with things. I just have to remind myself, we can sleep all day Monday. I just have to make it to Monday! But these are the fun things in our life. And I have to enjoy them. Because soon enough, we will have a baby. And we won't be getting out of the house much! ♥Anna Marie♥

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