Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Emma's Godparents

Joe and I take these things very seriously. Godparents are very special. Especially to our children. And in our traditions. We went the traditional route with Eva. My parents are her godparents. When I got pregnant for the 2nd time, we tried to think of good godparents for our 2nd baby. We decided if the baby was a boy, Joe's parents would baptise him. If our baby was a girl, we would pick some friends. Or maybe someone else in our family. We even thought about my cousin Gabe and his wife Linda.

Our dear friend Lola, she works in the hospital where I'm going to have Emma. She's an intern. And works with my doctor part time. The rest of the time, she works with the pediatric units. For our 1st ultrasound, she got to do it. We were thrilled. She even made Eva a small baby carriage thing. She crocheted it and put a small baby doll in there. Lola made sure to include Eva in the entire process. Eva was so excited when Lola had her help "find the baby."

Then when we were going to find out the sex of our baby, Lola happened to be working with our doctor again. It was fate! He let her do the ultrasound. And Lola gave us the amazing news, that we were having another baby girl! Joe and I were thrilled! And we were so excited to get to share this experience with our dear friend.

That night, Joe and I sat and thought about it. Who would we like to be Emma's godparents? We thought about Gabe and Linda. We love them so much. But they are touring the world, literally. Gabe is in a professional mariachi. And we are not sure when they will return. And we really want for our baby's godparents to be active in her life. Joe really wanted his cousin to be Emma's godfather. But he is single. We needed to find a godmother for Emma.

Lola loves with all her heart. She gives of her entire soul. And I couldn't think of a better woman, that I would trust with my daughter. There is not a better woman out there, that could be a better role model, for our daughter. It is crazy how obvious the decision was. But how it took us a while to figure it all out.

Emma's godparents are 2 very amazing people from our lives. Miguel is someone that Joe grew up with. They have been through so much, in their lives together. Joe respects and loves Miguel like a brother. There has never been a time in their lives, when they could not depend or rely on one another. And Lola, well I can't say enough good things about her. She really does represent every good thing in life. She is truly a woman that loves, and acts on love. We would be honored for Emma to have both Miguel and Lola as role models.

People have told us, time and time again, that the people we choose to be Emma's godparents will be honored to take on that responsibility. But Joe and I, are honored that they have agreed to love our daughter as much as we already do. To see how excited they both were when we asked them, that alone, let us know that they were the perfect godparents. God has sent them into our lives for a reason. To love our daughter, Emma. ♥Anna Marie♥

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