Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Stitched Giveaway

This is one of those days, that I'm sure Joe is going to hate that we have a computer. Because I just found a new Etsy shop that I love! Becuase Linda is hosting a giveaway for Loved Stitched. Those roses are gorgeous! And I'm having a tough time deciding which is my favorite. I just might have to buy a few things. For your chance to win, enter here. ♥Anna Marie♥

BH Cosmetics Wishlist

Judy is just tempting me. Do you see all of these pretty makeup finds? Do you think Joe would be upset if I bought a bunch of eye shadow? The colors just make me so happy. Like when you were a candy store. Yuppers! Oh, this video just made my day! ♥Anna Marie♥

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

The last week, it's been an emotional roller coaster. Lola's best friend almost died. While in labor with her precious little girl! They both almost died. The result of a drunk driver hitting them. And it scared the living daylights out of Lola.

This would have to be the week that the BBs have shows. All week. And Lola couldn't get out of the gigs. She was spending all her time at the hospital with Baby C. When she had to go work, I'd stay with Baby C. Her mommy didn't want her to be alone.

This was an experience. I cried the first day. Just to see this precious little baby. She had so many tubes and monitors attached to her. Fighting for her little life. It just shocked me. And it made me sad. I felt helpless. I wanted to make all of her pain go away. I didn't know what to do.

I just can't understand why this innocent baby has to suffer so much. She should be with her mommy. They should be loving each other. But they were both fighting to survive. You can read more about their story at Lola's blog.

All of this made me think. Every night I'd sit there with Baby C. Praying for her. Asking God to take care of her. And heal her. It made me realize how lucky Joe and I are. For one, we have each other to lean on. If anything bad were to happen to us, we have each other. This new mom, she has no husband to lean on. He left.

Secondly, Joe and I have 2 very healthy and happy little girls. There was never any drama or scary issues with my pregnancies. Or our deliveries. Our girls have always been healthy. I got to hold my little girls, immediately after they were born. We spent the first 6 weeks of their lives, together. Inseparable.

This week, I've kissed and hugged my girls more. I've spent more time with them. Enjoyed every tiny detail of their lives. How Eva loves to cuddle before nap time. And how excited she gets to see and experience new things. Emma, she makes my heart melt with her smile. The way she holds on to me, it is priceless.

I'm counting my blessings. Realizing that I'm very lucky and blessed. I have a husband that loves me. And 2 healthy daughters. My life is perfect. Just the way it is. Watching my little girls grow. And having my husband to love. These 3 beautiful souls, are all that matter to me. ♥Anna Marie♥

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Date Night Makeup

Joe and I are planning a "Date Night" tomorrow. No kids. Just us. Being a married couple. Sounds like heaven! But I'm a little nervous. Isn't that crazy? I've been dying to spend time alone with Joe. But I'm nervous. Like when we were first dating. :)

I want to dress up for him. Make it a bit special. After all, we're going to a "Fancy Pants" restaurant and show. I picked out one of my favorite outfits. I went to Manders' house this morning and had my hair cut. Feeling pretty good here. And finding this makeup video, it makes everything come together!

I just love the way Kasey did this look. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use different colors. That compliment my skin more. But I like this look. By the way, don't you just love that song? so perfect! ♥Anna Marie♥

Friday, October 1, 2010

More Lovebugs!

I went to Toys R Us with the girls today. And we found these cute candy buckets! OMG! I almost peed my pants with excitement. :)

These are perfect for Halloween and Emma's birthday. At $12.99 each, I bought 12. I know. You don't have to say that I'm crazy! I know I am. I got 2 for the girls. And 10 for Emma's birthday party.

When I got home and Joe saw them, he asked why I didn't buy more. They are super cute. And I think they will add so much to our birthday decorations. But really...he wanted me to buy more? Yes. So he called a friend and had them go pick up whatever was left. Because Toys R Us is over an hour from our house.

See I'm not the only crazy one in the family. It makes me feel a lot better! But I really do think these will be great decorations. I haven't decided what I'm going to use them for. But probably as center pieces with candy or flowers. Maybe a few by the food table with silverware and napkins. So fun! ♥Anna Marie♥