Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Cheese Kid

Eva is on this kick. She just wants to eat cheese. And not just any cheese. The cheddar cheese slices. You know the kind. Ya, that's all she wants to eat. We have to limit her. For snack, she will have 2 slices with either grapes or some kind of veggie, and crackers. But she just wants the cheese. Yesterday, she was not thrilled with me telling her no. She tried to open the fridge. By the way, she is only 19 months old. I think we might have a problem here. Even Joe has to sit and talk to her. I probably should sit and talk to Lola about it. This is actually her specialty. Nutrition, kids, etc.

Does anyone else have this problem? Eva is not a picky eater. She will eat whatever we give her. But she just wants to eat cheese all the time. And I mean, all the time! But it has to be those weird colored cheese slices. Hmm, I guess some things will just always have me stumped! ♥Anna Marie♥

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