Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She's a Star! His Star!

Tonight Eva and I came to rehearsal with Joe. The band is preparing for a gig in NC. They will be gone from October 13th-20th. Then, they go to Las Vegas October 27th- November 10th. They have to practice. And lately, well they haven't had much of a chance. Between the guys going back and forth to Texas and Lola's work schedule, well it has been complicated.

Tonight was practice. Their boss came to watch. He is actually performing a couple of songs with them. And let me tell you, he has got the hots for Miss Lola! Yes. He. Does! Even if she doesn't believe us. But we can all see it! Including the boys!

Tonight we got to J's right on time. Manders and Lauren were there too. Of course, the guys have to eat first! Lola usually cooks for the band. But today she had to work at the hospital. And Lola was running late. All of us were just hanging around, eating and laughing. Lauren and Eva were keeping J entertained. He was showing them around. They were feeding carrots to the horses. Fatting up the pigs. You know, the fun stuff.

And it was getting later, and later. Mems finally called Lola. She was on her way. Just a little late. You know, they had had an important surgery. Then she had to do something else. Before we knew it, we hearing the click clack of her high heels. She was running in. In a red dress, stilettos, hair done, makeup on, looking beautiful! How the heck does she do that? She works 18 hour shifts and can still look like that. I can barely waddle from the house to the car. And I don't work.

All at once, all eyes were on Lola. I could have sworn, Mr. Blue Eyes himself almost passed out. All the guys started teasing her. Pete was hooting and hollering. Mr. Blue Eyes, well he didn't move. He also couldn't stop staring at the beautiful lady. :)

J was drooling too! We all know that he is head over heels for her. I think if she showed the slightest of interest, well who knows, they would probably be married! No lie! Mr . Blue Eyes had this smile pasted on his face. And before I knew it, Lola had a plate of food in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other. Sitting on the sofa eating, with Mr. Blue Eyes right next to her. It was like in the cartoons, I could see the hearts floating out between them.

Lola was tired. I could tell. But they got to practicing. And before you knew it, Mr. Blue Eyes and her were singing. Mems had them sitting face to face in chairs. And they were singing "I Need You." The Tim McGraw and Faith Hill duet. Mems is all about getting into the character of the song. They were inches away from each other. Joe was playing the guitar. That was it. It was like watching magic! By the end of the song, I swear they were even closer to each other. Mr. Blue Eyes had one hand one of her knees. The other was wrapped around Lola's hand. They were just feeling it. Every word came from the heart. From the soul. The entire mood of the room changed. I think the guys are finally seeing what Manders and I have been seeing for a while now. When Lola sang the lyric, "Make love until the sun comes up, and goes down again," I swear, you could hear a pin drop. In this group, that is saying something. They are always loud. But you couldn't help but literally feel the words as they were coming.

After an hour of practicing, the group took a break. Lola and Manders were talking about clothes they needed to order. Mr. Blue Eyes had his eye on what they were looking at. A couple of times Lola asked him his opinion. Nothing too big. But still, for Lola, that is a HUGE step!

They went back to practicing. I couldn't tell you how long they practiced for. Because Manders and I were taking care of our sleeping girls by then. But during the next break, Lola went to sit down. Before we knew it, she was asleep. Leaning into Mr. Blue Eyes. He had his arm draped around her. Now tell me that they are not a couple. I wouldn't believe it. The fit together like to puzzle pieces. Like they had been a couple for years! For about an hour, they just sat like that. The guys were all talking about a hunting trip. And Lola slept. Mr. Blue Eyes holding her.

Yes, Lola may be quiet. She may be very independent woman. But I think she is getting to that point, were she needs and wants a man in her life. A man that is going to love her. One that is going to notice when she walks into a room. For all the right reasons, because she is an amazing woman. Inside and out. She needs and deserves a man that is going to love her. That is going to see past the makeup and clothes. Past the performer on the stage. Past the brilliant woman that she is. And see the love that she has inside her soul.

I will leave you with the video to "I Need You." It is one of my favorite songs. It came out at a time when I really needed my husband in my life. I needed him. I needed him almost as much as I need oxygen to live. And I know what this song means to us. But I think tonight, we saw what it means to a couple that need each other, even more than they individual know. ♥Anna Marie♥

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