Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today, the rain just came. And it came in buckets. There was no real warning. My friend Violet came to visit. She went to college with us. And now lives in Texas. We decided to do a little shopping at Target. Have a little fun, like we did, when we were still in school. Eva was just excited to go. Violet is just stunning. And Eva just adores spending time with her.

So as soon as Eva woke up from her nap, we were gone. Scott, Violet's boyfriend, stayed with Joe and the guys. They were all hanging out together at J's house. It's the usual place for the guys. Violet and I didn't care. We were in need of some shopping. And Target was screaming our names!

The 3 of us cruised up and down all the aisles. We spent a good hour in the clothing. Eva tried on every pair of shoes. And we finally made our way to the registers. With a basket full of stuff! Because you can't just go look when you are at Target. At least, that is what I tell Joe. As Violet and I were talking, we heard this huge crash of thunder. The kind that shakes the entire building. Yup, that kind!

Our wait in line got a little longer. Because all the registers went out. But it was no big deal. The manager was actually really nice to us. She let us open up Eva's doll for her. And Eva was content to play with her doll. In the basket of course. One of the workers even brought me a chair. They were really sweet to us. I guess the great big pregnant lady just screamed, have some mercy on me!

Eventually, things got working again. And we checked out. But there was no way we were going to battle that rain. When it rains here, it really rains! The rain was just pounding the pavement. You could see it gushing down the streets. As we watched people trying to leave the store, the water was at least knee high. No way was I going to try and battle through that. Hello?!?!?! Clumsy pregnant lady here! And I would have to get Eva through that too!

Violet and I decided to stay inside. We got a seat at the snack bar. And we ordered some Icees and popcorn. Don't you just love Target's popcorn? I do! We ate and talked. Eva and Violet played with Eva's new doll and play food. They were having a blast. Eva was not scared or anything! Later, Joe tells me, "That's my girl! Just like her dad."

Joe calls me all stressed out. Until I assure him we are safe inside. Eating and watching all the other people try to battle the storm. We were already planning to eat at Applebee's. Which is on the opposite end of the parking lot. So Violet and I weren't worried. Eventually, the rain would have to let up. But our shopping trip did get cut a little short. We never made it to the mall.

After about an hour, the rain started to let up. The parking lot looked like a lake. Maybe more like a raging river. We sat and waited. The Target employees were also watching. And just after 5PM, the water had gone down quite a bit. Enough that we could make it to the car. And across the parking lot to Applebee's.

Eva proudly told Joe and Scott about how she wasn't scared of the water. Or when the lights went out. But that there was a little boy that cried and cried. She can be such a character at times! Scott bought her a dessert shooter after dinner. For being such a big girl. And not crying like that boy did!

Here it is, after 10PM, and it is raining again! This was supposed to happen in August. By now, we usually don't have rain like this anymore. But what can we do? Just live with it. And know, that you cannot fight the ragging waters. You just have to sit and let them do their thing. A new baby doll, some popcorn, and a good friend also help to pass the time. ♥Anna Marie♥

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