Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

My friends have these super fun blogs. I call Lola the professional blogger! Manders is also quickly becoming a regular blogger too. I'm in love with them. And six months pregnant. Not as active as I usually am. I decided to start a blog. I'm going to be a dirty copy cat! Welcome to MY BLOG!

I figured this would be a good way to let some of our friends and family up north, know what we are up to. We seem to not get to visit as often as we would like. This should help us stay in touch better. Let you know what we are doing. What kind of trouble our little family is up to. And a place for me to just express some of my nonsense.

Like I said, I am 6 months pregnant. And not enjoying this heat at all! Eva is doing wonderfully. Talking nonstop. Following her daddy around singing away. She is napping right now. That gives me a little down time to play.

Joe is busy with the boys. They are preparing for a number of shows between Oct-Dec. Our baby planning wasn't the best. But we will figure out the concerts with Emma's arrival. ♥Anna Marie♥

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