Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Worries

Our dear friend Lola is doing our nursery for us. Pretty much, she has done all of our friends' nurseries. Lola is super talented. And in my opinion, should be an interior designer. She did a beautiful job on Eva's nursery. We sat down and talked about what I wanted. For Eva, I wanted a room done in pink and chocolate brown. With a nice glider. And a crib that would convert into a toddler bed down the road. A nice reading nook. Maybe a window seat like Lauren's.

We sat and talked. She took notes. Hired a painter. My husband, Joe insisted on new carpet. And before I knew it, we had a contractor working in the nursery. Before long, he had put in a big window seat with a nice storage unit underneath. He put up wainscoting. The bones of the room were done. Lola and I took a few trips to look at fabric and furniture. But I never really knew what was going to go in the room. But I was very confident with her decisions.

The day of my baby shower, Lola showed me the finished nursery. It was everything I had ever dreamt up! My husband had even made a toy box for Eva. In the same design that was in the fabric. You see, Lola and Joe worked on the nursery together. When she would be stuck between 2 ideas, Lola would call Joe.

But the nursery was perfect! The crib was the perfect color, size, and style. She got 2 gliders for the room. One for me, and one for Joe. Lola remembered all the small details that I hadn't even thought of. This, for a woman that doesn't have a child. But the room had style, grace, and a timeless feeling. It was not one of those nurseries that screams baby girl. With lace and light pink everything. It is a room for Eva to grow into. Lola made sure of that. A room that our daughter can use well into her teenage years.

Lola sewed everything. She made all the bedding. Sheets and all. Made the curtains. Cut and painted wooden details that were hung on the walls. Lola bought the perfect picture frames and put the most amazing pictures in them. Everything we could ever need or want was in there. I couldn't have asked for more.

When I got pregnant with Emma, we immediately asked Lola to do her nursery. Well, we didn't know at the time if she was going to be a boy or a girl. But right away we started to brain storm. Ultimately, when I found out I was having a girl, I wanted a ladybug room. More of a "Lovebug" room. That is what my mom called them when I was little. I have such good memories of ladybugs as a kid. And so, our vision was born.

This time around, well Lola is even more busy than normal. She travels all the time. And is not around much. Let's not forget that Eva was born in February. There are a lot less things to do in the winter, than right now. The band is booked almost up until my due date. But Lola has tried. She has hired a contractor. And after the whole paint fiasco thing. We actually got everything done. The bones of the nursery are now complete.

Everything else, well is still waiting. Lola purchased the fabric. And from what Joe will tell me, the furniture is ordered. But guess what? The band is going to Las Vegas for 10 days. And Lola's sewing machine isn't working. I know not too stress. Our nursery is nowhere near completion. But I am surprisingly calm about it. Because Lola has a way of making miracles happen.

My dad has also been working hard on a bassinet for Emma. He made one for Eva. He hand carves them. They are gorgeous! Joe is working on a toy box for Emma. I have no clue what it looks like. It is top secret! And my father in law is working on Emma's bookcase. He made Eva's and even carved her name in it.

So ya, Lola has a lot of people that she works with. But she has everything so ridiculously organized that I am in shock! I know that by the time Emma makes her grand entrance, we will have the most amazing nursery you have ever seen. Because Emma's Nana (Godmother) is pouring her love into Miss Emma Grace's nursery. ♥Anna Marie♥

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