Monday, October 19, 2009

Happybee's italian craft & quilt shop GIVEAWAY

Boutique Stitches and Daniela are hosting a giveaway for this Grey Sky lariat. Isn't it cute? I really like it because it is light. You could wear it around the house with a t-shirt and jeans. Or add it to a cute outfit when you go shopping. Daniela's shop Happybee has a lot of other stuff as well.

Like this cute Panda pouch! You could use it for makeup or change. Just about anything.

Daniela also offers tea. I always think about cool Fall evenings when I tihnk of tea. I have a big tea drinker now that I am pregnant.

If you want a chance to win this amazing scarf by Daniela, go to Boutiqe Stitches and enter the giveaway! The winner is going to be very lucky! ♥Anna Marie♥

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