Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He Didn't Want to Go

Joe left this morning. He went with the band to Las Vegas. Along with Lola, Manders, and all the members of the LBs and their support crew. Yup, hair, makeup, clothes. The whole bunch of them left. Because they have shows for the next 2 weeks.

Joe didn't want to leave. He insisted yesterday, that he was going to stay home. Because he went to Charlotte, just a few weeks ago for another gig. But I knew he had been looking forward to this. Because the band doesn't play many gigs. Because they are all family guys. Into ranching and farming. The music is a hobby. Something they do to blow off steam.

The BBs have decided to only perform for political events or politicians that they support. Or for a friend in North Carolina. Or events in Texas. And 2-3 times a year, in Las Vegas. It's not often. And the band has been rehearsing for a while. I just knew I had to talk him into leaving. He would drive us both crazy if he would stay.

My mom volunteered to stay with Eva and I until November 8th or 9th. Then she is going to go back home with my dad. And on November 14th, my parents and in-laws are going to come and stay with us until after Emma is born.

We had a plan. And I talked all night, last night. Finally convincing Joe. I had already packed his bags. When the band left this morning, he looked happy. We agreed to call every single day. And to use our web cams. That way Eva can see her daddy every day. I promised to have my phone with me at all times. And J promised to have the plane fueled and ready to go in case I go into labor. We have it all covered.

Now, I just hope Joe allows himself to have some fun. We always enjoy spending time in Las Vegas. I want him to have fun and enjoy this trip. I told him that he has to go eat one of those mini wedding cakes for me too! Because I love those things! These 2 weeks will fly by. Before we know it, Joe will be back home! Until then, I am going to go enjoy some of my mom's cooking! ♥Anna Marie♥

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