Monday, November 2, 2009

2 Weeks!

2 weeks from today, is my due date! I am so excited! In 2 weeks, Emma might be wearing a pair of these little pink booties. While in my arms. I still can't believe that we are having another baby. There are some days that I still can't believe that I am a mom. And Eva is nearing 2!

When I found out I was pregnant for the 2nd time, I was slightly in shock. Joe and I have always wanted a fairly large family. The night of his Senior Prom, we talked about one day being married and having kids. Ya, we sat outside, looking up at the stars, dreaming of the family we would have one day. I can still remember everything from that night.

Joe was in a black tux. And I had on a green dress. A deep kelly green dress. Nothing fancy. It was long and form fitting. I wore strappy black heels. My aunt had done my hair and makeup. We went out to dinner with friends. Then we danced the night away. All of our friends went to a bomb fire afterwards. We went, but didn't stay all that long.

We ended up in my driveway. Talking. We knew that Joe was going to have to make the decision of where to live after he graduated. So we tried to embrace every minute that we had together. We laid in the bed of his truck and dreamt of the days to come. Of the little house that we would have. Of a wedding in our church. And of the babies we would have.

And here it is November 2nd. Exactly 2 weeks until my due date. Joe must call me twice an hour to check on me. J has the plane ready to go if need be. Manders holds his cellphone while the band performs. Everyone is on high alert. Just waiting for the call. Just waiting for Emma to make her appearance. And for Joe and I's dream to continue to play out.

We may not have had the most ideal of a beginning to our marriage. (I will blog about that later.) But our girls are the most precious gifts we could ask for. They are a combination of Joe and I. Made with our love. Little girls that have features and characteristics of the 2 of us. I just can't wait to meet Miss Emma. Our girls are everything that Joe and I used to dream about as teenagers. They have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers. Our love as a family just grows and grows. In 2 short weeks, we will finally get to meet Miss Emma Grace. ♥Anna Marie♥

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