Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Up!

I know. I should be asleep. But I can't sleep. No matter how I lay, I am uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breath. And nothing helps to get me in a comfortable position. Ya, I have reached that stage of my pregnancy. I want Miss Emma Grace to make her arrival. Mommy is ready. The nursery might not be, but I am ready.

Tonight I watched Desperado. Because I can't sleep. I haven't seen that movie in forever! But I found it this morning when I was looking in my desk. I was looking for an address and found the Desperado DVD. Salma Hayek is one of my favorite actresses. I also like Fools Rush In. The lady that played her grandma, she is from my home state.

Joe comes home tomorrow. Or should I say later today? It is after midnight already. He had a great time. I know he did. Because he has been so excited when we talk on the phone. I am glad! I really am. People don't understand why I would talk him into going to Las Vegas for 2 weeks, days before I am due. But he needs time away too. I know that he enjoys playing in the band. I know that they don't play very often. So it was an important trip.

Something else that I found in my desk earlier, the list from the doctor. You see, Eva was a little over 10 days late. 12 days to be exact!!! I had to go to the doctor every day after my due date. I was miserable. It was freezing outside. And I couldn't sleep. My dear baby girl just didn't want to meet us yet. But my doctor gave me this list. Of 20 things to do to induce labor. Um, nothing worked. And I mean nothing!

The top 3 things didn't work. The 3 things that everyone swears would induce labor. Nothing worked. Walking didn't work. Probably because I walk 2 miles every day. Spicy food didn't work. I eat a lot of spicy food. Hello, I live in the southwest. And I grew up eating chili the way normal people eat ketchup or gravy. And sex, well we tried. And tried we did. But Eva wouldn't come. My dad even suggested that we go on a weekend trip. You know, "get more romantic." I don't know who's face was redder, mine or Joe's. We tried many, many, many times, but no baby.

Here's to hoping that Emma doesn't put her mommy through that again. I would like to meet her somewhere around her due date. Not 12 days late! And I don't think Joe can handle my dad and father in law telling him, that he NEEDS to go have sex with me. Because the doctor says that is the only way the baby is going to come. ♥Anna Marie♥

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