Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daddy's Lovebugs

I was at a loss for Halloween costumes this year. It's Emma's 1st Halloween. And I wanted it to be fun and special. But I had no clue what to dress up our little girls as. Joe and I talked about it. But we kept coming up empty handed.

Then we asked Eva. She didn't know what she wanted to be either. We decided that we should probably go shopping. And look online. The minute we started looking online, Eva wanted to be a "Lovebug."

As we looked through the costumes, Eva had the idea that her and Emma could be "Daddy's Lovebugs." So we searched for the cutest costumes. And here is what we found...

This one is for Emma. I think it's too cute for words!This dress is too cute. And we have the perfect tights and shoes to go with it. :)

And Eva's. She is such a big girl already! This costume really shows that. I absolutely love the headband. Again we have tights and shoes that will match perfectly!

This is my costume. Yes, Eva convinced her mommy to dress up like a "Lovebug" too! I plan on wearing leggings with my getup. But I'm actually excited about dressing up too! ;)

These are the costumes that we finally decided on. And today, they came in the mail! We're so excited! Is it crazy, that I'm counting down the days until Halloween now? ♥Anna Marie♥

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